National Committee Application Form
Welcome to the application for the National Committee for Spark Engineering Camp 2018.

The national committee is the driving force behind the organisation and strategic expansion of Spark Engineering Camp, one of the most successful operation arms of Youth Without Borders.

Please refer to the Spark website for more information on the available roles.
This role expects an average of 5-10 hours of commitment per week and we would expect that the successful candidate can commit to this requirement

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The role descriptions can be found at the spark engineering camp website. The roles are:
Chairperson, Melbourne Project Coordinator, Brisbane Project Coordinator, Student Coordinator, Staffing Coordinator, Operations Coordinator, Partnerships & Finance Coordinator, Media and Communications Coordinator and Secretary

Have you previously held a role in SPARK? *

If yes, please describe it and why you want to join the Spark National Committee. If no, please tell us why you are passionate about joining the Spark National Committee.
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