Perth Staff Application
Welcome to the application form for the Perth Spark Engineering Camp 2018. This online application is the first step in the application process. If you have any questions please email Chloe (National Staff Manager) at

You must be available for the following dates:
Selection Day: 14 April
Training Weekend 1: 27-29 April
Training Weekend 2: 6-8 July
Perth Camp: 9-14 July

You will also be expected to participate in fundraising for your place on the camp. This will be covered during staff training.
Tell us a little bit about yourself

What's your first name? *

What's your last name? *

What name do you prefer to be called? *

Hi {{unknownpiping}}. Thanks for starting the application process! Good luck, and answer the following questions as best you can.

What's your date of birth?

What's your mobile number? *

What is your home address?

Do you have any special dietary requirements?

This could include allergies or foods you can not eat for personal/religious reasons.
Next up, let's make sure you're available on all the dates we need!

Are you available for ALL of the following dates? *

●     14 April
●      27 - 29 April
●      6 - 8 July
●      9 - 14 July

Note: all staff must attend all training events and be available for the full week of the camp.
Awesome. Let's find out what you do.


What is your area of study/occupation? *

What year will/did you graduate? *

Where do/did you study?

We just have a few administration questions before we continue

Do you have a Blue Card/Working with Children Check that is valid over the dates of the camp? *

Do you have a First Aid and/or CPR qualification that is valid over the camp? *

Do you have any previous mental health training?

Do you have a current driver's license?

Have you previously been a Spark Mentor? *

Great! With those out of the way, let's continue with something more interesting...

The next group of questions are for those new to the Spark team. If you've answered Yes to the previous question, you may choose to skip to question 6

For those new to the Spark team:

What motivated you to apply to be a Spark Mentor?

What could you contribute to the staffing team?

Name one of your weaknesses and explain how you would manage it whilst on the camp.

Briefly summarise what you think Spark's goals are.

You are assigned to a group for a project; the members of your group come from a wide variety of backgrounds. There is a language barrier between members of your group and it is clearly frustrating everyone. How do you handle the situation?

Describe a time when something you planned went wrong.

How did you manage the situation? What would you do differently if something similar were to happen again?
What do you do in your time outside of university/work?

Last question, then you can submit your application. Good luck!!!

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? *

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